[Solved]Yii CGridView 400 Error – ‘delete’ Sends GET request not POST

Problem: Two CGridViews are added to one of my view file and when I click the delete button, I am redirected to “400 Error” page with message “Your request is invalid.”

1. Check the “id” property of each CGridView and make sure they are totally different
2. Check if all the javascript file needed are loaded. ( My problem is that I missed the file jquery.ba-bbq.js)

and How I found the problem solution?
1. download and install chrome browser
2. Ctl + Shift + I   (hot key)
3. Click the delete button to perform what you want
4. Check the error message in console
5. You can find the error: “Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function” at jquery.yiigridview.js Line 329,
6. Then you can check the line (In my case, the $.param.querystring is not a function and it is defined in jquery.ba-bbq.js)

Hope it can help